FadFeed.TV - Fill your feed with Facebook Ads

Running out of ideas for ad creatives on Facebook?

Fill your feed with Facebook Ads. Study, Copy, Test, Repeat.
Download the extension
Only available on Google Chrome.

What does this extension do?

This is a simple chrome extension that filters your Facebook feed by deleting non-promotional posts ( lol yes, opposite of an Adblocker ) and fills them with Ads. The script keeps running until you reload the page or stop scrolling down the page.

Get some fucking ad inspiration.

Why did you make it?

This was an easy hack to stop being unproductive while browsing on Facebook and keeping myself updated on everything that works as a Facebook Ad. After spending more than 300,000 US Dollars on the platform, learning and unlearning the ad space was not to be taken for granted (Duh!).


“Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

Does it violate any Facebook policies?

No, it does not violate any Facebook policies since it runs a script only on the client's side.

Who are you?

A Product Junkie. Facebook Wizard. Smart Procrastinator.

You can follow my terribly exciting life on Instagram and my start-up sell-out life on Linkedin.


Fuck that, lol.

I keep building stuff. You can checkout some of my other work on Product Hunt.